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Before making this lip balm recipe you will first need to make vanilla lavender infused oil see instructions above You will also need tins or lip balm tubes to keep the finished lip balms in This recipe makes approximately 6 ounces total

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Gorgeous DIY crystal gemstone soaps only look difficult to make but with an easy tutorial even the beginner can make gorgeous rock soaps sure to impress! Showering is one of my absolutely favorite things to do in this world And taking a shower after a long day of toiling outside and sweating like crazy is just the best thing ever The hot water hitting sore muscles and washing away the day s dirt leaving you with a blissfully soft and clean body That feeling is my version of heaven Being somebody who is personally obsessed with showering I invest a lot of time and have a healthy budget for making and purchasing bath and body type of goods I ve got sugar scrubs and salt scrubs and hair masks and face masks and foaming soaps and you freaking name it I ve even bought or made nice soaps for others as a polite request that need erm a little motivation to soap up And it almost always works at least for a while because everybody loves to try new things right I mean a boyfriend and I got into a light hearted tiff about who got to run the brand new vacuum cleaner many many years ago He won he did run it first and then never touched it again When I first started making my DIY soaps I was amazed at how easy it was Way back in the day when I was still in college and back home for Christmas my sister a family friend and I got a soap making kit from the craft store We made these awful bars of soap and I remember how badly I burned my eyes with a chemical type of vapor or something It was awful and I still have no CLUE what in the world that was! But after that little experience I was all making soap Never freakin again That business is straight up DANGEROUS haha! And it literally took me at least 12 years before I was willing to try it again And I think the catalyst was seeing CHILDREN making soap in a video If they can do it without their parents worrying they will go blind perhaps I should give it another go And so I did and the rest is history I have been obsessed with making my own soap ever since and when I recently moved I made darn well sure to bring with me every single bit of soapmaking gear I have acquired over the years No room for my shoes Oh well grab the melt and pour! Today we re going to be making some absolutely gorgeous crystal gemstone soaps that only LOOK like they re going to be crazy difficult It s another one of those things I kind of wanted to make but worried would be too difficult but guys it so isn t It s actually the EASIEST and most FUN soap making project because you can just sort of go nuts and mad science this business up with always decent results and very often absolutely stunning ones So if you re new to soap making and you re worried you can t accomplish these gorgeous crystal gemstone soaps put that worry to bed because even if this is your first EVER soap making project I m going to give you the tips to totally NAIL IT! For this project you will need Gemstone Soap Molds Clear Melt and Pour Soap Base White Melt and Pour Soap Base Fragrance Oils or Essential Oils Microwave Fragrance Oils Mica Soap Colorant Gel Liquid Soap Colorant Spray Bottle with Rubbing Alcohol Loose Gold Leaf optional These are our molds Aren t they genius Now heads up your very first go around these molds are going to be quite a bit difficult to remove the soaps from them But luckily each soap thereafter will pop out pretty darn easy as you please Not just meant for soap they can be used for resin projects too! Looking at crystals and rocks and stuff in the gift shop of a cavern I visited with my nephews during our 2018 Texas Tour our annual 3 week summer vacation! I noticed how pretty the colorful stones were and how the really rough and natural looking stones weren t s solid color There was often a lighter and darker hue of the same color plus some clear some white and sometimes even veining of gold To imitate this as well as we can we ve got a whole lot of stuff going on In the photo above you can see the colors I used for my amethyst inspired stone including violet colored mica soap colorant and purple gel liquid soap colorant But a whole lot of stuff doesn t translate to difficult it just translates to messy And I have also found that messy very often translates to FUN! So buckle up kiddos because this is definitely a fun soap making ride even if it is your first rodeo translation beginners welcome! As far as craft supplies go mica soap colorant can be a bit pricey But I am a total cheapskate when it comes to a lot of things and so you can trust me when I say it s a craft supply that is definitely worth the price You ll get gorgeous colors that have just a little bit of glitz and luster AND a little bit of mica goes a LONG way In fact so that I don t accidentally overdo it I ll take an itty bitty spoon and sprinkle just a touch on top of my soap right before it is melted Because once the soap is melted and I try to add colorant I get all frantic trying to hurry and I always always drop more in than I had meant to And it s not going to make the color any prettier it s just going to use more and essentially waste what you didn t need to toss in there If you melt your soap and find that it isn t colorful enough you can always add

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Renowned for its flexibility, rice is really a globally acknowledged staple of kitchens in all places and is particularly a flexible choice for the whole household. This wholesome starch offers Power, stimulates muscle mass advancement and also acts being an anti-inflammatory. As well as its wellness Advantages, rice is likewise extremely adaptable and may be used in casseroles, side dishes, desserts - you identify it! Straightforward in preparing, but able to delivering large flavor, the lists of easy evening meal recipes which employ this common grain are countless. Here we will take an remarkable culinary excursion from the lots of variations and preparations of Spanish rice. These tasty evening meal recipes are chock brimming with flavor and you'll be surprised at how quick these delectable dishes are to prepare! As an additional reward, they're versatile and fun, making it possible for you to definitely raid your pantries and personalize your dishes. The variants and prospects are virtually unlimited!  Chorizo and Egg Rice Bowl  Chorizo and egg are a really nicely-identified flavor mixture and Spanish pairing, typically served with tortillas. Chorizo, for people unfamiliar with it, is actually a zesty and mildly spiced sausage which can be located in most grocery suppliers. The delicate and sleek taste of eggs in any type compliment the boldness of the Chorizo. Below, We now have preferred to mix this formidable twosome with delectably seasoned rice. The dish is then topped with cheese, including a comforting and common element and that is sure to remember to any palette. For just a delectable twist, check out adding freshly chopped eco-friendly onions or serve this entree using a aspect of sliced avocado and your preferred salsa! Regardless of the variation, this straightforward evening meal recipe is a group pleaser!  Prep Time: 5 minutes  Prepare dinner Time: 25 minutes  Savory Chicken and Rice  Arroz con Pollo (Rice with Chicken) is a simple and regular dish that has obtained international notoriety for its outstanding and distinctive flavors. It appears virtually every Latin or Latin-affected state has its individual spin on this dish. This Variation can be a enjoyable and easy meal recipe which may promptly be set collectively on fast paced weekdays. Nutritious and vivid peas and carrots are simmered for a short while together with rice and hen for just a savory a person-pot dish. The addition of olives and pimentos towards the end of your cooking procedure infuse this delicious evening meal recipe with authenticity and complex aromas. This can be a person food which preferences as if you've got put in all day long cooking it, but can be a breeze to organize and is prepared in the hurry. Considering the fact that this simple evening meal recipe is so promptly finished, attempt utilizing a number of your time beyond regulation to produce A fast and healthful cucumber and pink onion salad. Top rated off the salad with some finely minced cilantro for a few added Spanish flair!  Prep Time: 5 minutes  Prepare dinner Time: thirty minutes  Cooking in your house is without doubt one of the best techniques to maintain healthful and joyful. As well as stirring the five senses and sparking creativity, home-cooked meals allow you to exercise control around oneself and your family's nutritional desires. The easy dinner recipes mentioned Here's a great way to avoid repetition and preserve evening meal sensational! Go in advance - practical experience a different lifestyle with out a passport and obtain cooking now along with your relatives and buddies!  

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