Making rainbow dreams come true senior designer Ramzy Masri uses his passion for color coupled with his skills in photo manipulation to give architectural structures a technicolor makeover With a new rainbow color scheme he hopes to use his photos to find positivity in the world around him color travel world interior colorful rainbow

Christophe Gilbert This collection of Christophe Gilbert pieces will take your breath away Talented artist Christophe Gilbert merges his talents of photography and

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Learn how to this surreal photo manipulation of an Alice in Wonderland on amazing and surreal atmosphere with Photoshop In this tutorial youll learn how to create your amazing atmosphere Read moreCreate a Photo Manipulation of Alice in Wonderland

Photo Manipulation

How to Create Rails Inside Illution Photo Manipulation Photoshop Tutorial Photo How to Take a Photo What are the Tricks The techniques of photographing are of particular interest to beginners Those who want to quickly step into professional photography and catch up with other photographers often start by learning the tricks of taking photos First of all it is useful to know that photographing techniques are useful methods for every photographer but some subjects do not go beyond theo

Time is a really popular theme in photo manipulation The most used item is the clock that is creatively added in most of the time inspired photo manipulations Another item is the hourglass that is also used to depict the time passing illusion Here you have an interesting time Photoshop tutorial that you might want to check out

Incredible worlds explored through photo manipulation Visual Artist from stanbul Kerem Cierci is a creator of worlds and the views into them Places that don t conform to the laws of physics and nature as we know them All this is done using pictures firmly sent on those rules in our world The beauty is that when mixed and rearranged they can give life to an infinite amount of surreal worlds It s a little bit like the combinations are not infinite shuffling the cards in a deck of cards with each shuffle the new combination gives you a new order and a reality There are other artistic mediums that can do similar things but Photography Surrealism and the Manipulation Software are a perfect fit and accessible to most of us They give us the most realistic image of something that we understand and are familiar with a photo and something completely alien the result of the manipulation and the world that is created within BTW there weren t any titles on the photos so I made some up if you don t like them I am to blame Do you Milk with That Press the Image to Enlarge it Rowing through the Trees Press the Image to Enlarge it Our Cities can feel Upside Down Press the Image to Enlarge it The Worlds under out Feet Press the Image to Enlarge it Underworld Diving Press the Image to Enlarge it Nature in Time Press the Image to Enlarge it The Universe in a Hot Air Balloon Press the Image to Enlarge it The Ocean in the pages of a Book Press the Image to Enlarge it A Child with a Toy Train Set Press the Image to Enlarge it Violin Motorway Press the Image to Enlarge it Painting Nature for Autumn Press the Image to Enlarge it The Cloud Makers Press the Image to Enlarge it

Capturing everything in a very photographer's digital camera is not really a straightforward job to try and do. The subsequent are a few well known ideas in capturing stills for Wedding day Images Concepts. Concepts detailed hereon can be used as recommendations by amateurs and hobbyists to seize that perfect second in a marriage.  Highlight human emotions  Genuine emotions when captured in a photograph can converse many things. It is vital to get a photographer to seize peoples' emotions during the ceremony, because they're the very best photos anybody could acquire in a wedding. A variety of sentiments are felt during a wedding. It is the photographer's task to seize every one of these, since these are only a subject of seconds.  Too much posing is a No-No  A number of people may want to choose their images in a specific pose, but your wedding day album will be tedious if majority of the images show people today doing a number of distinct poses on the marriage ceremony photographs. Concepts from All and sundry are wonderful, but Guantee that when combined, The end result will be pleasing to the eye. The few, relations and company needs to be captured in pictures experience their personal sentiments and pure reactions.  Be influenced and passionate  In a marriage, it is necessary for that pair to acquire The main working day of their life as a few be remembered by way of stunning marriage pics. Strategies on how to make a exclusive and private marriage ceremony album are offered online and in wedding Publications. A super mix of inspiration and fervour for the wedding ceremony photos, Suggestions within the amazing minds included and cooperation are vital to craft this true treasure for that bride and groom.  For this to materialize, the photographer has to seize personal moments of the few such as on the lookout into each other's eyes inside a sunset over a Beach front or sharing an umbrella and snuggling underneath the rain. They are perfect for your intimate marriage ceremony images. Tips in the photographer are very important regarding what gestures the few must execute. The pair may also set of their ideas and work with their photographer.  Using the Couple's View  Viewpoints from the bride and groom ought to be taken into significant thought since it is for his or her wedding ceremony photographs. Strategies from them should be diligently provided because of the photographer to smoothly execute the poses.  Besides the abovementioned recommendations, photographers may also use using Image editing software package to reinforce the contrast, coloration and brightness of the pictures and produce out the attractiveness in Every single photograph. Other images paraphernalia can also be employed including external flash to Increase the lighting In case the location is too dark.   

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