Collages by Jesse Draxler

El conocer cmo emplear la luz es crucial para hacer buenas fotografas Por ello claro es tambin crucial el saber emplear las sombras Esas sombra

Conceptual Fine Art Photography by Alexandra Diona Flowers Body Wrap Flower Body

My name is Jovana Rikalo Im a fine art and portrait photographer currently living in Serbia I got into photography about 4 years ago by taking miscellaneous pictures of friends nature and mostly myself in an attempt to capture memories and special moments mostly for my personal needs I had no interest in choosing photography as my profession until autumn of 2012 when I finally realized how strongly I really feel about it Photography has become my greatest love Capturing emotions and milestones is now a big part of who I am and the whole idea of perfectly freezing special moments feelings pushes me to take risks get creative and learn as much as I can about the art of photo editing When it comes to style interests I prefer the outdoors and eye catching locations I like to create unreal situations in the real world and tell surreal stories with my camera My mission is to create images that look unnatural but feel real quot;I sometimes manipulate my photographs a lot in Photoshop but I always try to keep the photo realistic look quot;

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A road trip to Death Valley brought us life in millions of bright wildflowers Super Bloom You may have heard of it a beautiful and rare occurrence that takes over miles of desert hillsides basins and roads every decade or so Death Valley one of the hottest places in the world hosts this stunning phenomenon for about two weeks

Kreative Portrt Fotografie Verrckte Idee mit Stickern Farbenfrohe Fotoidee model fotografie portrt inspiration laurenXcecilia


Ballet photography is the epitome of elegance You can use it to improve all kinds of photography skills including action dance and portrait You might

There is no doubt that you have either heard of or read about the importance of not comparing yourself to others Unfortunately most people still do If you are ready to make a change these

Drawing is not a whole new principle; it's been an old tasteful vogue of expressing issues in just a visible type. Pencil artwork drawings, considering that ages, are one of the remarkable kinds of visual expression that change the luster of the matter or an item. There are actually quite a several processes or approaches of pencil drawings.  Having said that pencil is effective on paper are the commonest and interesting artwork is effective witnessed on the art gallery exhibitions. The exhibition artworks are mainly high priced than easy pencil drawings. The art loving persons love to current pencil art drawings as a gift for their dears in the different occasions like birthday and anniversary.  The normal drawing will work had been monochrome and can have some hues. Essentially, standard drawing has long been drawn employing a set of applications and gear which include graphite pencils, pen and ink, chalk, markers, crayons, inked brushes and so on. Unlike classic drawing, modern-day pencil art drawings are drawn making use of no excess applications or equipments apart from some pencils. Contemporary pencil drawings are two kinds, shade pencil drawing and monochrome pencil drawing.  In the trendy age, The style trends are usually shifting. The folks think the simpler is the higher. On the whole, portray and drawing suggest two distinct senses. In pencil artworks, persons do not like drawings jam packed with fancy hues and styles instead some uncomplicated pencil lines stuffed with tone on to a bit of paper.  Pencil artworks have already been used in many functions. The individuals use them as residence décor and occasional presents. Besides, pencil artwork is another way to body up your unforgettable Recollections within a bit of paper. At present, while in the art gallery, we see distinct styles of incredible pencil art drawings that capture eyes. A pencil portrait artist inks his/her like and fervour on to a piece of paper just utilizing a pencil.  If you wish to get some attracting priceless items for the dears, it is possible to go for pencil drawings. A pencil do the job just isn't that costly and everyone can afford it. You can find some fancy pencil artwork works in the artwork gallery, present outlets or within the pencil portrait artists' sites. You can even get transformed your personal pics or factors into pencil drawings within the artists, It is really known as custom-made pencil drawing.  A customized pencil drawing generally is a terrific birthday reward for your pals, companions, mother and father, as well as for your son or daughter. It is possible to decide on the kiddy photos of your son or daughter, old romantic memories of one's mom and dad, all unforgettable memories in the school life and Reminiscences that normally make you feel much better. Just select several of your previous memories framed up as pictures, contact with a pencil portrait artist and have them transformed into incredible priceless items for the pricey's birthday.   

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