HOW TO APPLY PRIMA TRANSFERS AND CREATE A FRENCH INSPIRED DISTRESSED ANTIQUED MIRROR DIY STYLE! Hi guys! Do you have a stray mirror that you don t know what to do with I have an amazing mini project for you today along with a short video on How To Apply Prima Transfers Todays restyle was inspired by Cecilia from Georgia who left this comment on the siblog Denise I am not sure about how the transfer works I hesitate to invest in something that I will mess up before I even get it on the piece I have an idea!! Could

Give your old mirror a new look with a fresh coat of paint You won t believe its the same mirror once you re done!

Hey there amazing friends and welcome back! I m here today sharing another piece from my latest thrifting day this beautiful mirror Now this was not on deep discount like the previous two pieces I shared from this haul but at $25 it was still worth it It was in perfect condition and didn t need to be made over at all But you know me I just can t help myself Plus I knew it would sell more easily with a fresh new paint job It matches beautifully with my storage piece I painted for my office last year It s a tad big

Step by step tutorial sharing how to transform a plain mirror with $5 of plaster DIY Paint and candy molds This was my mirror before the magic happened Just $10 at my local thrift shop nothing special and looking kind of lonely hanging on the drab pegboard i created a quick video showing the process with lots of tips This video shows how surprisingly easy it is to achieve this look This is a screen shot of the plaster before I added the paint I used silicone candy mo

ShareTweetPin267sharesGold and I are having a love affair lately Its been one of those swept me off my feet and stole my heat unexpectedly kind of loves Oil rubbed bronze and I are still great friends though I promise Ever since we started on the powder room makeover and Ive had brass and gold on the brain in that space its started to trickle

Amazing friends today s the day! I had two pieces left in my last haul and I m keeping one of them as is to possibly use in my staircase gallery wall That means today s the day I m sharing my final piece of this haul woohoo! It seemed like this was such a large pile at the start didn t it It s also Trash to Treasure Tuesday so my talented friends are sharing makeovers of their own as well Be sure to look for their projects at the bottom! Before we get to today s makeover I have some exciting news!! I am officially a Dixie Belle

Coastal Style Thrift Store Mirror Makeover!! Budget friendly decor can be found at the thrift store All you need is a little paint!

Ive been having fun helping my parents decorate their new home and my most recent project was to makeover a very outdated mirror Do you get it ! ! My parents have a significant amount of natural wood furniture so we decided that a fun color would balance the heavier carved furniture We had seen Read More about Distressed and Paned Mirror Makeover

White Mirror Frame Classic Mirror Frames

The bathroom mirror is essential but essential doesnt have to be synonymous with boring Is yours plain and without a frame Then you have ample opportunity to add some personality and sneak in a little extra bathroom storage to boot! Made from 14 lumber this 3 deep ledge on this boxed frame creates a shadowbox effect

With their capability to soak up and reflect positive and destructive Electricity, mirrors can Engage in a significant job When contemplating the Feng Shui of an area. They bring about a way of refreshment and serene in addition to drawing in the valuable chi or Feng Shui energy. With correct placement they could change the Strength flow in a area and as a result can 'remedy' the Room. This is often why mirrors are often often known as the 'Aspirin' of Feng Shui.  The ancient Chinese artwork of Feng Shui is in excess of 3000 decades outdated which is the science of balancing energies in a space to market overall health and great fortune and cut down negativity and bad luck. The Chinese feel that the earth is alive and makes energies that can be harnessed and Increased to make a harmony in a Area that really encourage wellbeing.  Put very just, the artwork of Feng Shui entails the positioning of things within the home or workspace to enhance a constructive balance of chi (Electrical power stream). It will require into account the shape on the item, the colour and also the situation in the Place, all of which relate to your 5 Feng Shui features of earth, wood, hearth, metal or water. Together they depict distinct areas of human wellness, proven during the Feng Shui Bagua or map:  *North - Water - Blue & Black - promotes Vocation and Route in Life.  *North East - Earth - Beige, Light Yellow, Sandy/Earthy Colors - promotes Spiritual Progress & Self Cultivation.  *East - Wooden - Brown & Environmentally friendly - promotes Overall health & Household.  *South East - Wood - Brown & Environmentally friendly - encourages Dollars & Abundance.  *South - Hearth - Pink, Orange, Purple, Pink, Bright Yellow - encourages Fame & Name.  *South West - Earth - Beige, Light-weight Yellow, Sandy/Earthy Colors - promotes Enjoy & Relationship.  *West - Metallic - White & Grey - encourages Creativity & Little ones.  *North West - Metal - White & Grey - promotes Valuable Men and women, Blessings and Vacation.  Representing the aspect of drinking water, mirrors are symbolic of self-impression and clarity of head. If positioned accurately they are able to carry the optimistic chi from exterior into the home and suggest that an attractive look at can even be seen twice; at the time by way of a window and as soon as within the reflection with the glass. This really is also accurate of natural light, that has an excellent effect on optimistic Electricity circulation.  You will find 3 classes of mirrors in Feng Shui:  1. Usual mirrors:  Generally defined by their shape as well as their frame, mirrors can Merge factors e.g. the glass implies that they're largely water, nonetheless They might Possess a Wooden or metallic frame. This is fantastic nearly as good Feng Shui is about the balance of energies and a lot of of one individual sort can in truth have detrimental results.  With regard to their condition:  Square and rectangle = Stability Octagonal = Electric power Round = Unity  2. Concave mirrors:  Are primarily employed outdoors in Feng Shui. They deliver an the other way up, condensed reflection that attracts in Electrical power.  3. Convex mirrors:  Once more mainly applied outside, these mirrors have protective features and are used like a watchful eye. They deflect and drive absent detrimental Strength.  An example of mirrors being used to advertise Wealth & Abundance should be to situation a spherical mirror, with a gold leaf frame from the South East of your house or Workplace Place (often known as the money place). As it is possible to see from your Bagua, the top spot for advertising and marketing wealth could be the South East. The water factor in the mirror nourishes the Wooden aspect on the South East House along with the metallic colour (symbolizing metal and fireplace) assists to make a strong equilibrium.  Mirrors can even be applied for a 'overcome' for a negatively energized Place. One example is, when there is a fireplace about the East wall of the space, This could certainly develop adverse chi as the hearth element can burn the wood of your eastern region. Rather than relocating the fireplace as a way to maintain good chi, a Substantially more simple Resolution is so as to add a mirror over the fireplace. This provides in the ingredient of h2o that assists to dampen down the hearth and at the same time nourishes the wood.  Mirrors create a potent Electrical power and thus a hive of activity; this obviously may have unfavorable effects along with optimistic. Inside the Bed room as an example, a place utilized for soothing, tranquil, and sleep, is the precise opposite to the sort of chi developed from mirrors. It's consequently not excellent to get mirrors in the Bed room, but not surprisingly due to their useful Houses this is kind of unachievable. It really is thus encouraged that mirrors are lined up during the night to aid decrease this activity.  Additionally, there are lots of do's and don't when hanging mirrors:  • Do dangle a mirror in close proximity to your entryway, as this activates the water aspect of your space right away and usually means you can take a beneficial glimpse of yourself on just how out. • Do dangle mirrors to enhance gentle and House e.g. a mirror at the conclusion of a protracted corridor draws chi down the hall and thru the home/get the job done space. • Do dangle mirrors in rooms or on walls that happen to be lacking Bagua to be able to produce equilibrium and make a 'get rid of' e.g. South, West and North West rooms or partitions. • Do use entire mirrors that replicate the complete photograph. Posture mirrors so that they don't Slice off 50 % in the reflection e.g. the encounter from the remainder of the physique as this generates a damaged photograph and unfavorable chi. • Do hang mirrors to boost fantastic sights as this delivers optimistic chi indoors. • Do use mirrors to build the command situation. To be able to crank out prosperity a pacesetter ought to constantly face the door. If This is certainly not possible, position a mirror so which the doorway can generally be viewed.  • Tend not to placement your mirror immediately opposite a doorway. Although it is suggested to position a mirror near the entranceway, always make sure the mirror is towards the aspect with the doorway and a minimum of 5 toes clear of the door, if not The great energy is actually reflected again out the doorway. • Never, use fragmented or broken mirrors as this represents a damaged impression and promotes negative chi. • Don't use smoked glass mirrors as this stops clarity of mind. • Never cling mirrors right reverse one another as this makes an element of distortion, is disorientating and promotes negative energies of feeling lost.  Last but not least, mirrors may be used to deflect destructive Vitality along with a BAGUA MIRROR is usually used exterior. A Feng Shui Bagua mirror can be a spherical mirror surrounded by an octagonal wood frame in purple, environmentally friendly and yellow/gold or yellow, black and pink. On the lookout a tad just like a cobweb it carries a style that signifies early or late heavens. The mirror is frequently convex for pushing negative energy away, but can at times be concave if used in the proper way to control the damaging energies. The bagua mirror isn't a attractive product and will in no way be used as a person; its functionality should be to act purely as being a heal and very little additional. The bagua mirror should only ever be employed outside and only when adverse Feng Shui Power is going through your own home or company. Such a negative Strength is commonly know given that the 'poison arrow' and comes type sharp edges pointing immediately at you, such as corners of table, sharp edges of properties or concrete structures. They can be make from two Home windows or doors getting directly opposite each other and this should be avoided anywhere possible.  Mirrors certainly have an Lively function in Feng Shui and as well as their clear reflective features that may include mild and favourable reflections to the area, In addition they possess quite a few concealed and deeper features due to their resources, condition, colors and in some cases their positioning inside the home. And endorsing beneficial Electricity They may be utilized to deflect unfavorable Electrical power and as a result are often known as the 'overcome' inside Feng Shui.  Unique Mirrors can be a professional on line shop that sells just mirrors. With in excess of 10 a long time expertise they take into consideration them selves to generally be experts in the mirrors marketplace.   

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