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Quando a natureza bela temos que apreciar vejam que lindos !

Good Intent North Chines Leopard there are less than 5 in breeding programs in the UK Atara was the first ever to come to the UK Records suggest number as low as 0 200 in the wild This is the second rarest big cat

The beautiful Clouded Leopard There name derives from the distinctive clouds on their coat It is estimated there are less than

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Including the fastest mammal the ability to roar incredible hunting skills and stunning stripy and spotted coats the big cats are some of the most recognised and admired species on our planet Which one are you !

I ve written on the topic before why you should use visuals to capture clicks by drawing attention to your article quote post or social media profile Why People love looking at beautiful funny lovely images One great advantage for viral sharing is its ability to have a domino effect Spin offs abound from it just like quot;Caturday quot; instead of Saturday for those who want to be in the know just tweet or share an image with a cartoon or cute cat or kitten with the hashtag caturday and watch it roll reTweet Shared Google Plus G+ is in my opinion the best social media avenue to share images There is no clutter the images are shown in size larger than Facebook or Twitter In fact in Twitter you have to click on it to see the image That is perfectly fine because words are your ammunition on Twitter Enhance your words or quote with an image and hashtag it and you will likely have it RT d and shared even more People tend to like to philosophize when they are surfing social media sites and visual stimulation attracts the eyes and then the heart Pinterest is THE place where people go looking primarily for stimulation whether it be a tip trick or treat the images attract the viewers attention and pretty much guarantee it will be clicked The better the image the more likely it will be shared The ing are top picks from my viewers certainly I chose them because I liked them but the endorsements that others shared them are demonstrated by the number of likes rePINs or shares Animals are always a great idea to emphasize an attitude just like this tiger has been popularized Babies and kids illustrate cuteness Even the most skeptical hard noses can t help be drawn into the innocence captured by others who share in adoration Stunning expressions faces and humanism are popular amongst viewers In fact my FACEus board on Pinterest has one of my largest ing People are drawn to humanity especially life s experience etched with wrinkles and profound expressions Doesn t a quote on wisdom just beg to go with this image People love this one There is nothing beautiful or fancy here just mesmerizing eyes that speak of laughter and weariness from life and experience The next one is popular for individual people s reasons if not for the beautiful photography and capture The secrets of talented seasoned photographers may be guarded while we all get to participate in the experience simply by gazing upon a marvelous visual interpretation of the mystical innocence of youth Mothers with children or babies are significant in their contribution towards society However a father who sheds his masculinity in his embrace of the sheer wonder of holding his child was identified by many who loved this Magical moments where the subjects are oblivious to a photographer capturing the essence of feeling and enable the viewer to participate as though they are there is a wonderful way that images appeal to many Flowers beautiful objects and stunning photography evoke a sense of peace and inspire love for our world Lucky for many it is captured to be shared for others to feast upon in its gorgeousness Scenery abound trees bridges buildings fields forests pathways and hidden gems are applauded by those who appreciate seeing new places and landscapes virtuall This is as good or even better because it lingers in our eyes and reaches our souls A burst of color explodes to grab our attention like nothing else I hazard to guess that the photo manipulation software quot;PhotoShop quot; was used to enhance the colors in this photo I think that is cheating and offensive to Mother Nature because often she doesn t need any help For many who have not had the chance to touch or feel snow firsthand the pictures of snow wonders are popular among all viewers Thankfully without the cold others can relish the sereneness and quietness that untouched nature invokes in us profoundly We love the sun especially sunsets Waves of joy cascade over us when we visually embrace them all at once Visions of water attract viewers in their quest to impress All seasons and events are celebrated visually with stunning creativity as though we are in the pumpkin patch ourselves and allowed to pick the biggest and best one for ourselves and others to enjoy Our giddiness and excitement for Halloween while we scheme our costumes meant to amaze or amuse Imagine being in this pumpkin patch in a field of orange We cannot quite feel the bumps and creases yet we can conjure memories from days past where we took our time to choose the best pumpkin For others it reminds us to be thankful as the time surrounded by family friends and good cheer with great feasts upon which we bowed our heads together in prayer Sometimes there is no event mystical reason or plain purpose for something to be so popular This is the most recent image that has been rejoiced and shared as though the splashing is cause for a festivity or the merriment we feel by this fun image and graphic appeal to so many I hope you have enjoyed the combination of creative images that I have enjoyed along with so many others who have embraced them or shared thank you ALL! You are welcome to join me on PINTEREST http pinterest com optioneerjm to gaze upon wonderful images I have simply compiled the favorites from those who have agreed with me Photo credits are found there Discover your own wonders and underscore your message blog post comment quote share tweet G+ with an image I m confident you will be amazed at how wholeheartedly others will nod in agreement by their share Comments encouraged shares applauded subscribers rewarded and questions answered do you have something you would like Jeannette to answer You may be surprised when she devotes an entire Blog to it

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Fishing is purported to certainly be a soothing action. You envision oneself in a boat little by little drifting alongside The existing and you've got your line cast properly. Ah, the perfect getaway. But aside from being a form of leisure, fishing can be aggressive. Calendar year right after year, folks consider their odds in hooking that big. It can be a very scientific passion for some plus they use various approaches and trinkets that enable them inside their fishing. But Truthfully, how can Other individuals help it become? How do they land major fishes Now and again? I will listing a lot of the most staple items you are able to do to enhance your odds. Get note that these items usually are not an assurance that you'll land that big fish you may have always been dreaming of.  1. Know your enemy- If there was one surefire technique to boost your possibilities, It could be expertise. You should get to be aware of the fish you will be targeting. You need to realize that in catching distinct species of fish you should have a different approach for each one. So make an effort to browse some publications or stuff on the web about certain guidelines and tips for various occasions. You may want to think about the specific time of day a specific fish hunts or what it eats or the way it hunts. Recognizing all this stuff will make all the primary difference.  2. Be patient - Fishing has always been a pastime that facilities not on approach but on patience. Within the olden times and in some cases until right now, a huge bag of tolerance is usually a crucial requirement in each and every fishing vacation. You have to remember that it remains to be the prerogative of your fish to Chunk, if it ain't within the temper to Chunk then no degree of technologies or approach will make it.  three. Be arranged - Maintain your tackle box and almost everything else structured. This tends to indirectly impact your probability of hooking a large catch but its way better to be aware of where you keep the things if you have to have them. Also, you might want to retain all of the hooks sharpened always. You could usually retain a box stuffed with hooks but be sure all of these are sharp more than enough to carry out their work.  4. In no way surrender- There is nothing During this environment that could guarantee you of a giant capture. If you see everything new things on the market that claims they can assist you catching the big fish, most of the time they don't. Fishing isn't an exact science where 1+1=two. More often than not, issues just Never incorporate up when fishing. You could be utilizing the worst equipment however, you can however have an opportunity While using the big ones. Fish often, so you have additional of an opportunity. Don't forget, there will be times after you get home empty-handed, but there will even be times if you will come house with an enormous.   

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